Great New Home Construction in Augusta, Maine

JR Allen Can Help Fulfill Your Dream of Building New Home

Have you dreamed about building a new home? Have you imagined what the design of the house would look like, right down to the smallest detail? Have you already met with an architect and are looking for the best estimate or the best new homebuilder in Augusta, Maine? If you are ready to take the big step up to getting a new home built, then JR Allen Construction is the contractor for you. Give us a call at (207) 582-0014 to get the process started.

Easing Building Stress and Making Sure You Are Satisfied

After Contract is Signed, Building Will Begin Soon

JR Allen Construction knows that the homebuilding process can be overwhelming and stressful to homeowners. But our new home construction experts can take some of the stress off of you with communication, flexible planning, high-quality materials and knowledge of the industry. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the whole process.

Once you have hired JR Allen Construction and after the estimating stage is done, you will sign a contract, blueprints will be designed, financing finalized and the building permit application will be sent in. If all of the pre-construction steps are met and there are no snags, we will start the building process. That could be within a month to two months after the contract is signed.

Here Are The Stages to the Construction Process

From excavation of the land to the final touches inside and outside of the house, there are a number of stages to the building of your home. Every home is different, but here are the main stages of the process:


The construction process begins with the excavation of the site. For homes with a basement, the space is dug out and the concrete poured.


There are different types of foundations, but yours will consist of a slab, block or poured walls.


The home starts to take shape as your walls, subfloor, roof, windows and doors are built.

Rough Mechanical:

After the framing comes the mechanical portion, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electric.


Drywall is installed and the ceilings are insulated and outside portions are done, including siding and grading for driveways and patios.


This is where it starts to get interesting. We install kitchen and bath cabinetry, interior doors and trim and many other things.

Finish Mechanical:

The visible part of the mechanical process follows. This includes toilets, air conditioning units and light fixtures being installed.

Final stage:

The windows, floors, baths and kitchen are cleaned and inspected. You are ready to move into your home!