Versatile Boom Truck Service in Augusta, Maine

JR Allen Construction’s Heavy Equipment is Invaluable

JR Allen Construction has utilized a reliable and durable boom truck in many of our jobs throughout the years to help us with vertical and backbreaking work. Our boom truck has a cab, where a driver sits and steers and operates an extendable arm that is attached to a flat bed of the truck. It is equipped with outriggers on the sides to stabilize the machine and protect against falling over.

Here Are The Construction Uses For Our Boom Truck

Some of JR Allen Construction’s jobs have difficult sites to work around, and much of the construction material is heavy. So, our boom truck is invaluable when it comes to contributing to the building of a home, store or other commercial building.

The reasons we use a boom truck during the construction process include:

  • Transporting heavy materials to inaccessible areas like a building rooftop, trench or hillside
  • Lifting and transporting construction materials and equipment from the ground.
  • Setting trusses on a home or business
  • Lifting coil tubing
  • Electrical contracting
  • Lifting workers to a site

Trust Our Employees to be Qualified and Careful

You can trust that the employees of JR Allen Construction will be qualified to run the boom truck’s extendable arm and have the outriggers set up the right way during a construction job. They will be careful with the use of it, and they will not damage any other nearby buildings.

Proud of Owning One of the Few Boom Trucks in Kennebec County

JR Allen is proud to own a boom truck because not every construction company in Kennebec County has one. Our construction professionals have been trained to use the boom truck correctly in residential and commercial projects. Give us a call at (207) 582-0014 if you have questions about our boom truck.